House System

A house system brings opportunities for leadership, competition, and camaraderie while fostering school tradition, culture, and spirit. Ascent Classical Academy believes that a house system will offer our upper school students a unique sense of belonging and identity as they pursue the greater things.

While the house system’s origins may be rooted in the boarding houses of British schools, its benefits have long been recognized by institutions around the world. Our house system will include students in grades 7 to 12. Rising 7th graders will be honored with a special house sorting ceremony at the end of the 6th grade year to mark their transition into the upper school. Incoming students will also be sorted into a house and welcomed by their housemates at the start of each year.

The house system will serve as the mechanism for student government, volunteering, and social events. Students will have opportunities to earn leadership positions within their house and to plan and participate in volunteer activities or school social events through their house. House members will be able to earn points for their house through acts of service or virtue that go above and beyond what is typically expected. The houses will also compete through various intramural competitions to earn points towards the House Cup.