Meet Grammar School Teacher, Ms. Grace Harrigan

Please welcome grammar school teacher, Ms. Grace Harrigan.

Ms. Harrigan was born in Gurnee, Illinois, but was blessed with some international travels from a young age. She was thrilled to explore tropical rain forests in Puerto Rico for three years and tulip gardens in the Netherlands for a year and a half. Traveling has fostered an appreciation for adventure and a deep love of those who have always been with her: her family. With two younger brothers and a twin in tow, Ms. Harrigan is always ready for a family philosophical conversation or bike ride. Her family has been a superb role model for the truth that education begins and flourishes in the home.

As a recent graduate of Wyoming Catholic College, a liberal arts school grounded in the Great Books, Ms. Harrigan has developed an ardent love of classical education. She believes that education should foster the growth of the whole person, and that developing an appreciation for truth, beauty, and goodness through the lens of the western tradition is an unbeatable approach to this goal.

She is excited to embark on her next great adventure: sharing a love of wisdom and truth with her new students! We asked Ms. Harrigan some questions so our students and families could get to know her!

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov because it gives a beautiful and relatable path towards virtue. While Greek classics like Aristotle’s Ethics give a beautiful philosophy of virtue and true human happiness, Dostoevsky’s classic gives the reader a path by which virtue can be attained.

Why do you love classical education?

I love classical education because I believe it paves the way for individuals to be truly human and truly happy. It allows you to better grasp who you yourself are by placing you in a tradition, and it both presents reasons and fosters an appreciation for a virtuous life as a good man and responsible citizen. In a world that pushes relativism and subjectivism, classical education stands out as a defense of perennial truths. What’s not to love about an education that fosters self-knowledge, encourages virtue, practices patriotism, and defends our heritage?

What hobbies do you have outside of school?

Due to my stint in Wyoming, my hobbies now include backpacking, rock climbing, biking, and horseback riding. These backcountry loves are undergirded by a deep appreciation for philosophical conversations, and you can frequently find me discussing Aristotelianism, Thomism, and virtue ethics. To top it off, I also play guitar “a little, and very poorly,” as Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet might declare.

What is your favorite place you have visited, and why?

My favorite place I’ve visited is Mount Victor in the Wind River Mountain Range, Wyoming. I visited it when I instructed a 21-day backpacking course last summer, and it was the first peak my group was able to ascend. Not only is it a beautiful and challenging peak to climb, but for me it also symbolizes what challenges can be overcome when teamwork, preparedness, and grit work hand-in-hand.