Meet Our Student Affairs Coordinator, Mrs. Nicole Greely

Please welcome our Student Affairs Coordinator, Mrs. Greely.

Mrs. Greely is honored and privileged to assume the role of Student Affairs Coordinator at Ascent Classical Academy Northern Colorado. She has been coordinating student affairs as a homeschool mom and involved in the classical education community for over twelve years. She is passionate about education and is convinced of classical education’s benefits. She delights in educating, equipping, and encouraging parents and students as they grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Mrs. Greely and her husband Chris, have been married for eighteen years. They are originally from Washington state, but lived in Oregon for so many years that they still feel like they are from Portland.  The Greely’s moved to Windsor nearly two years ago.  After twenty moves (you read that correctly) they can confidently say that they love where they have settled down. The Greely’s have four children ages six through seventeen. 

Their two oldest will be at Ridgeview Classical next year, Nell as a senior and Jett as a freshman.  Naomi will be in the fifth grade at Ascent Classical along with their youngest, Banks, who will be in first grade.  Homeschooling their children has redeemed Mrs. Greely’s education.  Decades ago, while researching homeschool methods and curriculums, she discovered classical education.  She read many books about this tried and true method and was convinced that this was the education she wanted for her children. Over the years, Mrs. Greely read and learned along with her students.  She has been very involved with a homeschool program called Classical Conversations in various roles, including Foundations and Essentials Director, Tutor, Practicum Speaker, and Challenge B Director.

We asked Mrs. Greely a few questions to better acquaint our parents with her.  Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Greely to our team!

What is your favorite book and why is that your favorite book?

I love books and beautiful words.  One of my favorites is A Tale of Two Cities. Even though it is a somewhat dark, heavy book, I enjoy Dicken’s humor and the way he crafts his words.  I love the theme of redemption.

Why do you love Classical Education? 

Oh my, there’s so much to love.  I love the integration of subjects.  I love the literature.  I love the Socratic discussions.  I love the training in how to think, not simply what to think.  I love that kids are encouraged to ask questions.  I love that the student is respected as a person who is capable of learning great things.  I love that parents are valued.  I love the loftiness of it.  I think of it as a great feast that we are inviting our kids to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

 What hobbies do you have outside of school?

I enjoy date nights with my husband, outdoor days with the family, painting, gardening, baking, reading, hosting parties and antique shopping.

What is your favorite place you have visited and why was it your favorite place?

I love Europe and have been several times, but one of my favorite places is the little town of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.  It is an absolute gem.  Carmel is a magical little town whose architecture reminds me of a Hobbit’s Shire.  I love to travel but, ultimately, my favorite place is home.