Summer Reading

Summer reading suggestions do not intend to burden students during a time best spent with friends and family. Rather, summer reading attempts to enhance summer break, by showing students how to spend their time wisely.

Indeed, many of us are guilty of squandering precious leisure time by sleeping in too late, watching television, and playing video games. Hopefully, models such as Bilbo Baggins and Benjamin Franklin inspire our students to employ summers learning rewarding skills, practicing virtuous habits, and going on grand adventures.

Summer reading assignments for Upper School are typically required. Our goal for Grammar School summer reading is participation and completion, not detailed literary analysis, so keep it fun, enjoy the story, and savor the literary experience. Allow students to choose additional, appropriate titles. Read with your student or as a family. Journey together to other worlds and time travel to places long ago and far away.


2023-2024 Summer Reading

If these materials place a financial burden on your family, please contact the office at