Ascent Classical Academy depends on a partnership between our school and families. Volunteering is a crucial element in that partnership. We rely on volunteers throughout the school day and during other events sponsored by the school.

To get started, please complete the following:


Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Classroom Assistance Team  The Classroom Assistance Team will be offered opportunities to assist in the classrooms with reading groups, labs, pre- and post- school year classroom preparations, and small administrative tasks.
  • Lunch & Recess Team  The Lunch and Recess Team will be offered opportunities to assist during our lunch hours with monitoring students and ensuring student safety.
  • Ascent Community Team  The Ascent Community Team will be offered opportunities to assist around the school fulfilling staff needs, assisting in school events and building community among our families.

Interested in volunteering, but not ready to join a team? Check out our other opportunities:

  • Carline Assistance: We need your help to keep the carline running this semester! To sign up for an AM or PM slot, SIGN UP HERE. This opportunity is brought to you by the Classroom Assistance Team.

Please direct all questions about volunteering to Mrs. Burley

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!